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Tuesday, 14 August 2012 00:00

What Social Network Is Right For You?

Written by  Norris Howard
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Most of us have multiple social media accounts; however we tend to gravitate towards one (or two) more than the others. Which social networks should you be the most active in? Facebook – the jack of all trades when it comes to social media. Facebook offers status updates, photos, games, video, and more. People who need a one stop shop for their digital self often have Facebook pages and only Facebook pages. It’s a great hub for anything the only problem is it gets difficult to navigate sometimes so keep that in mind when your Farmville results overtake that really cool status update you posted. Twitter – for the networker on the go, Twitter is the go to network for things happening RIGHT NOW THIS INSTANT. Coupled with Facebook, tweets and twitpics were integral in the social revolutions in the Middle East and the Occupy Wall St. movements here in the states. Those who want to keep the other riff-raff to a minimum while still communicating at blistering speeds love Twitter. Instagram – One could say Instagram is the baby of the networks here but that doesn’t make it any less impactful. Instagram is perfect for people who love to scrapbook and catalogue everything. Posts from food to pets to even a nice sunset are often commonplaces on Instagram. Tumblr – If Facebook is the son that got the great job and family, Tumblr is the artsy little sister that loves tattooed men and obscure French films. Tumblr is the new artist haven of the internet, if you want to view great illustrations, paintings and more it’s the place to go. It’s perfect for photographers as well who can create sweeping picture blogs in mere clicks on Tumblr. Be warned, Tumblr is governed by the laws of self-censorship, and other may not like to censor themselves as much as you. LinkedIn – The most corporate of the bunch LinkedIn provides vital networking to professional types and often times entire companies. You can post resumes and experience right through the site and perhaps even get a job through networking.

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